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- Mrs. Caravez, welcome. Come on in. Have a seat.

- So, are you having me?

- Of, course. IТve been looking over your   and I have to say I am very impressed.

- Thank you. .

- You know, actually, I think, to be honest, you are   to be  .

- ThatТs OK, I donТt intend   .

- Really?

- Absolutely. In fact, I only intend   when   Ц which is good because IТve a wide variety of extremely annoying personal habits and absolutely no sense of hygiene.

- Oh. You know, then, I donТt feel like you are then   for this   .

- ThatТs OK, .

- You canТt , you donТt work here.

- Like I would ever work here.

- Like we would ever   you.

- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah. And even if you did   here, I wouldnТt even give you   because I would   you.

- Oh, you canТt   me Ц because   .

- ThatТs right, you donТt, and I would   your ass so quick...

- Prove it!

- OK. YouТve got   !

- Thank you.

-   . And now it is my pleasure to inform you that...

-   !

-   , IТve   you!

- No, itТs too late.   anymore.

- Fine! LetТs try this again:   !

- No,   but I never   . Look, IТve already   for you. ItТs very tedious. And now you want me back. I think itТs a regressive   .

- Ok. What can we do to get you to come work for us?



- 200  .

- 200 an hour? OK, prorated to these 10 seconds you gonna be   here... so 12 cents?

- And this time I promise   .

? You promise youТll let me   ?

If you still want to.

- Huh! I am sure IТm going to want to... So we have   ?

- Not yet. IТve already been   here.
I feel IТve   . I want something higher.   ?

-   ? 200   ? Or 12 cents, whichever comes first, and   before   .

- ThatТs correct.

- Great. WeТve got the job!


- Great!   .

-- Oh.   .

- That... That doesnТt make sense...

- And as your boss I regret that  .

-   ?

- Well, I canТt help but notice that as   youТve been   some very strange people lately. At 200   .

- What am I supposed to do   ?

- Well, we do have   opening up in   .   ?

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