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1. Insert some words related to the green words into green text windows:

to produce, to compete, to advance, a nation, to attract, to change, to compare

1. Insert some words related to the blue words into blue text windows:

to complicate, to transport, an advantage, the environment, to develop, to cause

2. Translate some trade and business words and put their forms into orange text windows:

goods, supplier, price, available, insurance, customer, condition, communication network, cost, salary

Say everything aloud!

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Globalization is a widely discussed topic.
It is therefore not that easy to explain such a   term in simple words.
Let’s start from the beginning, with a background to globalization.   in technology such as mobile phones, aero planes, telephones and the internet have made the growth of   and   possible. Amongst other things this means that people and countries can   information and   more quickly and in a less   way.
This process is called globalization.
“Globalization” comes from “globe” and means the worldwide coming together of countries and  .
Let’s look at an example. Companies used to manufacture   in their home countries just like the companies Profi-TV and SuperColor who   televisions in country A. Their products are in direct   with each other, but both countries pay the same   and production  , they have the same  , use similar   and sell televisions at similar  . In short, the same   apply to both companies. So far so good.
Due to technical, cultural and economic   that have come about through globalization, other companies which manufacture   under different   can now offer their   in country A too. That’s why a company from country B can sell televisions here at a lower   because they were   for less.
The local firms SuperColor and Profi-TV have to react to withstand the   and so the world grows closer together and there is an active   of   between countries. More   products are   for more people.
However, not only does an   of   and economic   take place, but also of services, knowledge, cultural   and even languages. All of these individual elements are closely linked and influence each other.
But, where there is light, there is also shadow.
Because of globalization and its intense   of    people and the   often suffer.
If a company decides to move   to an economically   country, people in industrialized countries lose their jobs. At the same time, job opportunities open up to many locals in the economically   countries. Many people in these countries work for very little money in   to those in industrialized countries. Therefore, they often remain poor and more often than not do not have sufficient  , social   or health   cover.
A further   of globalization is ecological problems such as climate   . The use of airplanes, ships and lorries to   goods over   borders is constantly on the increase. This   more carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere which, in turn, is the main   of global warming. Even     standards are ignored.
This is a further cost factor in the worldwide international site   which should be kept as low as possible to be   for a company. There are, therefore, many sides to globalization which affect almost all aspects of life   me to think that the chain of positive and negative effects will continue to grow further.
What’s important is to realize that globalization itself is neither good nor bad. It just   how the people deal with all the new possibilities in the future.


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