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1) Do you know anything about English history? It is all presented here in 11 short pages at BBC 'Walk Through Time'! Scan the information about the most famous historic persons.
2) Insert the verbs from the texts into the gaps. Change the form if necessary.

Say everything aloud!


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Saint Bede was one of the most men in Europe. He his life to others.

Alfred the Great up his army and navy and then back. The English and the king peace with the Vikings.

Queen Eleanor's sons a war with their own father and the queen them.
King Henry his sons, but he did not his wife. He her in prison for 15 years until he died.

Isambard started to work for his father, but he was in an accident.
People were so with his work, that he was to design and build a railway.

James Cook the Royal Navy. He was the captain of his own ship. the Government him to an expedition to the South Seas.

Women were not to vote in elections so Emily Davison fire to post boxes and windows of government buildings for which she to prison.

Different aristocratic families were to rule over the country.
Edward the 5th and his younger brother were in the Tower of London. Later they were probably .

Caratacus was in chains to Rome.
He he was going to be or in prison. He didn't for mercy. He was not back into Britain for the rest of his life.

Olaudah was and as a slave. He was on a ship and to America.
He himself to and write. He on working.
He how cruelly his fellow Africans were .

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